Hamona has inherited the sophisticated biotechnology achievement from a whole generation of leading scientists, along with hundreds of years of experience in farming coconuts, and benefited from the thousand-years unique natural prosperous environment in Mekong Delta area in Vietnam. You can take the coconut wherever you go and enjoy it whenever you want. So easy and simple to experience the very innate taste of one of the most nutritious fruit from Mother Nature.

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LAVITE is the first of its kind in Vietnam to work on processed dragon fruit products. We have a good management food safety factory for NFC dragon fruit juices, soft-dried dragon fruits, jelly, jam and GAP fresh dragon fruit farms.

Why should we choose Dragon fruit?

Soft-dried red dragon fruit is made from 100% fresh dragon fruits, no additives, no added sugars, no GMO, health benefits.

Semi-dried dragon fruit from a local Vietnamese factory and farm station, with high standard of quality management and trace-ability.

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Highwide International Inc. headquarters is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Highwide seeks premium products and bring them into North America and countries in the South East Asia Region, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. Moreover, Highwide International Inc. is reliable and dependent partner to assist you to explore your market potential.



Mr. William Cheng, President
Mr. Allan Sum, VP Business Development
Mr. Harry Tsai, VP Sales & Marketing
Mr. Daniel Platonov, VP Supply Chain


2018 Produce Business Innovation Award


We are proudly to announce Lavite is a winner of “2018 Produce Business Innovation Award“.

Innovation is happening all around us. In virtually every industry, new and exciting products are hitting the market at a fast-and-furious clip, and they are taking off like never before. The produce industry is no exception. PRODUCE BUSINESS is taking a deep dive into innovation through a variety of applications, and we wanted to make sure you are part of the process.

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Kimlan Super Special Soy Sauce received the highest 3 star recognition in 2016 International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi)

Kimlan Super Special Soy Sauce impressed juries of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) and received the highest 3 star recognition in 2016.

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Congratulations to Willow Springs Winery’s 2013 Testa Vidal Icewine won DOUBLE GOLD at 2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

柳泉酒莊冰酒斩获2016国际大赛金奖 | 星星生活

在刚刚结束的2016年度纽约五指湖国际酒类大奖赛(Finger Lakes International Wine Competition)中,加拿大柳泉酒庄出品的2013黄金冰酒(2013 Testa Vidal Icewine)荣获大赛金奖…[Read More]

Congratuations to Willos Spring Winery’s 2014 Pinot Noir won GOLD in Open Red Wine Category at 2016 The Royal Wine Competition

柳泉酒庄PINOT NOIR葡萄酒获皇家酒业比赛金奖 | 星星生活

在2016年加拿大皇家冬季农业博览会的“皇家酒业大赛(The Royal Wine Competition)”中,参赛的柳泉酒庄“2014 PINOT NOIR”黑皮诺葡萄酒,经过由知名品酒师组成的评审团的多轮品尝鉴定…[Read More]

Introduction to Hamona (YouTube)

Hamona is the unique natural fresh coconut in the world that you can plug in & drink instantly, break easily with just a spoon, bring along anywhere and enjoy without worry: they’re all natural & raw. [Watch Video]

How To Drink From Hamona Coconut (YouTube)

Each coconut has three “eyes” on its shell. To start sipping, simply pop the straw into the sprout eye (the largest spot with the most give) and enjoy pure, cool coconut water—that’s as fresh as it gets! [Watch Video]

Crack Open Hamona Coconuts (YouTube)

The video demonstration show how you can open the coconuts and eat the copra easily! [Watch Video]

如何打開Hamona椰子 (YouTube)

看看我們如何輕鬆打開Hamona椰子,享受新鮮椰肉! [Watch Video]

Learn more benefits of Hamona Coconuts from their story

Hawaiians call coconut water ‘noelani’ which means “dew from the heavens.” Quench your thirst and get rehydrated with natural fresh coconut juice from Hamona coconuts grown and imported directly from the lush tropical Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  [Read More]


夏威夷人稱椰子為天降甘霖,來自越南湄公河三角洲的 Hamona 椰子不但能生津解渴,迅速消暑,它還帶有許多你意想不到的健康成分哦! [Read More]

Now you can buy Hamona Coconuts in T&T Supermarket across Ontario, Canada

High Wide International Inc. is very pleased to distribute Hamona Coconuts in T&T Supermarket across Ontario, Canada (except Ottawa). On June 9, 2017, T&T supermarket launched a four- day promotion campaign with High Wide International Inc. to officially bring Hamona coconuts in Canada. Thousands of customers across GTA had a chance to experience the amazing taste of our fresh coconuts from Vietnam. Moreover, Miss Asia Canada, Miss Fei Fei Li & Louisa Lau and Miss Vietnam Toronto, Miss Sonya Le also joined the promotion at three locations. Hamona coconuts overwhelmed everyone right away. Thousands of Hamona coconuts were sold out in two days and half! Thank you for trying to loving our hamona coconuts. [Read More]